to the children’s medical office Dr. Med. Martin Hirte.

At the end of May 2021, for reasons of age, I have ended my practice of over 30 years. I thank you for the trust you have placed in me all these years.

I have handed over the practice to my colleague Dr. Timo Pfeil, who enjoys my fullest confidence and who will continue to run it with the claim of patient-oriented, gentle medicine including homeopathy. With him, the practice will also remain a place of individual vaccination consultation and respect for an individual vaccination decision.

Dr. Christine Bäumler, my long-time practice partner, will continue to offer pediatric care, albeit on a reduced scale. She is devoting herself increasingly to child and adolescent psychotherapy – this also with a health insurance license.

Under Timo Pfeil, the practice remains a private and self-pay practice, i.e. without a contract with the statutory health insurance funds. People with statutory health insurance are also welcome, but they too will receive an invoice according to the German scale of fees for physicians (GOÄ), which is usually only reimbursed by private health insurance companies or private supplementary insurance.

You can still find my constantly updated article on the „Corona Crisis“ under „News“.


Classic Homeopathic medicine with treatments for chronic and recurring illnesses.


Consultation on allergies and their treatment (asthma, neurodermitis, hay fever, etc).


Consultation on vaccination (including alternatives to the official vaccination schedule), chiefly for parents whose children we treat in our practice.