Quarantine for Chicken Pox and Mumps

The health authorities play crazy in quarantine regulations regarding teething. If a child suffers from chickenpox or mumps, unvaccinated siblings must not visit the nursery or the school for 18 days (chickenpox), or 18 days (mumps), the medium incubation period. The same ban applies to a mumps outbreak in a community center (kindergarten, school) for all children who are not vaccinated against mumps. The measures are based on recommendations of the highest infection protection authority, the Robert Koch Institute.

Doctors are obliged to report to the health department, while parents are not. Kindergartens and schools must report known cases of infectious diseases like measles, mumps or chicken pox to the health department.

The fact remains despite of all pressure: The best protection against chickenpox or mumps in adulthood ist offered by (1) the disease in childhood and (2) the vaccine before puberty, if somebody missed the disease.

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